Promo News - 25th Apr 2013

After their acclaimed unofficial remake of Jay Z and Kanye West’s Niggas In Paris last year, Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel – aka Greg & Lio – have followed up something even more impressive. For French rap star Booba’s Jimmy they tell the story of a young man’s journey from poverty in Africa, to drugs kingpin in Paris.

It’s told in a series of sequences, seamlessly stitched together, that literally follow our main character through the key moments of his irresistable rise and eventual downfall – sometimes in command of his fate, sometimes not. Shot in Dakar in Senegal and Paris, it’s a mini-movie that clearly owes a debt to the likes of Scarface and Goodfellas, but also manages, in a few precise brush strokes, present a crime story that gives you a bigger picture. Very good indeed.


LabelTallac Records
DirectorLionel Hirlé
DirectorGrégory Ohrel
Production CompanyQuad
ProducerMatthieu Poirier
ProducerMartin Coulais
Executive ProducerOxygen Line Producing Dakar
Lead actorYann Gaël Elléouet
Lead actorToly Polocoste
Lead actorCasey Seukap Tchoukeu
Lead actorPierre Vos
Lead actorTony Simoneau
Lead actorSébastien Novac
Lead actorAlexandra Sallé
Production ManagerArnaud Le Méné
Production ManagerMélodie Buchris
Director of PhotographySacha Wiernik
ColouristJulien Bodard
VFXGuillaume Chaussat
VFXYann Masson
VFXJeremy Pierre
VFXSebastien Gombeaud-Saintonge
VFXJean-Matthieu Seneca
VFXRémi Nonne
VFXAnthony Ornecq

Sound designDaniel Dos Reis
Special ThanksQuad
Special ThanksDigital District
Special ThanksRVZ
Special ThanksEye Lite
Special ThanksO'Bahamas
Other creditsFilm Crew: Zulma Rouge, Benjamin Groussain, Davy Bauret, Johan Leclaire-Bottarelli, Etienne Arnold, Jean-Christophe Duwez, Benjamin Prevost, Cédric Calmels, Djamil Mostefaoui, Yann Savoye, Alice Ably, Ludovic Tafforeau, Erwan Schmidt et Frédéric Bodeau

Promo News - 25th Apr 2013

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