Promonews - 23rd Apr 2013

New director Joseph Giffard Tutt delivers a time-lapse Thames-side performance of London orchestral indie band Sea Stacks – then follows frontman Davy Berryman as he makes his way through central London – in his promo for The High Tide.

Tutt adds some inspired and effective animation to the time-lapse footage midway through the promo, as the soundtrack gains momentum.

“The idea sprang from the sense of time passing in the song” explains Joseph. “I could hear what sounded like a ticking clock and it got me thinking about time-lapse with a the band at the centre of it. We filmed everyone playing the song 6 times slower than usual and took it to the southbank to busk.

“The animation idea seemed quite random at first, but I wanted to express something in the metaphor of the song. It’s about depression. It’s an uplifting song, but this was at the heart of it. I thought that having the singer swept up by a wave and submerged in blackness suddenly, whilst out there in the real world, would match the feeling of the song.

“I’d planned to get a DOP and animator involved but it turned out in the end I had to do most of the legwork myself, which certainly taught me a lot. The assistant director Rebecca Helen Page helped a lot with general decision making and also choreographing the last sequence, which we had to practice pretty hard on. It’s supposed to be playful and capture the light touch that Davy and the band has with the music”.

PRO Credits


DirectorJoseph Giffard Tutt
1st ADRebecca Helen Page

Promonews - 23rd Apr 2013

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