David Knight - 22nd Mar 2013

Having made their video for Wasps last year, Chris Boyle is back with Emperor Yes, with another characteristic bout of comic lunacy combining live action and animation.

Firstly there's the band performing the song - all wearing extraordinary yeti-like outfits - in what Chris describes as "a marshmallow and lightsaber dream-cave", albeit blissfully unaware of the epic struggle for survival going on under their very noses, at ant level.

A very small army of courageous ants are on a dangerous quest, and thanks to the band, not all of them are going to make it... So a little bit tragic. But mainly just nutty, and lots of fun.

"Huge thanks to Nick Wood for making the live action look lovely and to Sam Ballard for his gorgeous illustration," says Chris. "Oh, and the band are wearing ex-Chinese military arctic warfare suits. It's what all the cool kids are wearing..."


DirectorChris Boyle
Director of PhotographyNick Wood
Production ManagerHelen Power

David Knight - 22nd Mar 2013

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