Jimmy Brown - 20th Mar 2013

The 1975 hit the road in Gareth Phillips' promo for Chocolate, taken from their Music For Cars EP. Drawing on the gang mentality of the band - who have known each since a young age - Gareth feeds in some paranoia and loneliness to contrast the uptempo pop of the soundtrack.

"The whole video is like a hyper real version of a care free time, instead of driving about and smoking in a Ford Fiesta its a 1975 Ford Consul" says Gareth.

"Having an experienced producer like Sean Stuart on my side means that problems get solved quickly. On the day the car didn't turn up, Sean managed to magic up the Consul in a very tight situation which actually worked out better as it was the original car from TV show The Sweeney and when it turned up it was pure poetry".


DirectorGareth Phillips
Production CompanyNTSH London
ProducerDrew Morten
Executive ProducerSeany Stuart
Director of PhotographyTony C Miller
EditorMike Prior
CommissionerJamie Obone

Jimmy Brown - 20th Mar 2013

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