David Knight - 7th Mar 2013

Acts of God make a whole lot more sense in Persistent Peril's marvellous cartoon video for The Leisure Society's Fight For Everyone. Creating the earth and then, well, destroying it, just all looks like part of Steve Jobs's grand plan... A hand creates life on a little bluey-greeny planet, only things don't quite go as planned, and miniature animated destruction ensues.

"We were approached by Full Time Hobby off the back of out music promo for Three Trapped Tigers' Noise Trade," says Garth Jones from Persistent Peril, who are a small character/motion studio based in Brighton, comprising of Garth, Ginny Jones and Sam Bourner, who officially formed off the back of the Noise Trade promo, and who have also created work for the Barbican, visuals for musician Calika, and the D&AD Awards.

"The band were open for us to pitch ideas and after listening to the track, we knew we needed to come up with something a little bittersweet," continues Garth. "We drew inspiration from a short film pitch about a giant hand arguing with people, that we pitched to the UK film council a few years back.

"That pitch didn't go brilliantly, but we loved some of the ideas and once we decided on going down the 'hand of god' route for the video we looked back to this pitch for some of the gags. The idea of using touch screen style gestures just felt like a natural fit."


DirectorPersistent Peril
ProducerSam Bourner
CommissionerNigel Adams

David Knight - 7th Mar 2013

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