Jimmy Brown - 30th Jan 2013

Jonny Kight's moody and eerie promo for Mississippi trio Young Buffalo sees a young girl go on a CS Lewis-esque journey around South London with increasing surrealism.

"Rose L'Loughlin gives a great performance, tumbling through an increasingly rabbit-hole like world, and through a landscape that blends English aristocratic eccentricity with Deep South pottyness" says Jonny. "This is a world tweaked towards the surreal, with deep and murky interiors and psychedelic exteriors that reflect the extremes of the girl's emotional state.

"Overall it gives you that wierded out and partially amnesiac feeling I'm sure many of us have had when trying to remember the previous night on a hefty hangover (but without the headaches)".


Production CompanyShort
Production AssistantTilly Shiner
RunnerDeborah Chang, Mona Siresh
1st ADJanine Frank
Focus PullerTim Allan
Clapper LoaderBen Curran
DITChris Belcher
GafferRobert White
Art DirectorPhilippa White
Assistant Art DirectorTilly Shiner
StylistMariedue Jorgensen
Editorack Singer @ Cut & Run
Special ThanksGeorge Monkland @ Independent Talent, Craig Game @Panavision, Ole Mienert @Panalux, Holly,Stephen & Tanya @ Short
ColouristBen Rogers

Jimmy Brown - 30th Jan 2013

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