David Knight - 2nd Nov 2012

Naïve New Beaters follow up Jersey - their pre-Olympics tribute to speed track walking by serial cheats - with Émile Sornin's video for La Onda, which is even more eye-wateringly insane...

NNB's lead guy David Boring and his pals are rough-living, rough-riding crazy Hells Angels, who welcome a film crew into their world to witness their a dangerous fondness for Jackass-style stunts and general self-harm. It's a lo-fi romp featuring impressive stuntwork and the relentless abuse of dummy humans. You can have a lot of fun with this kind of stupidity, and they really do...


PRO Credits


DirectorÉmile Sornin
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerJules de Chateleux
Director of PhotographyPhilip Lozano
Art DirectorDidier Billet
StylistElise Bouquet

David Knight - 2nd Nov 2012

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