Sam Hill - 23rd Oct 2012

We've already seen Miike Snow's official video for 'Pretender' featuring the ever strange character of Jean Noel, but here's another strange character in Ryan Patrick's unofficial video - Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Ryan says that it's his "(fictional) take on Steve Jobs' childhood and inevitable computing destiny. Old Macs, apple pies and digital creatures are involved."

It's brilliantly done, with great creature design. And it's even been picked up by the band, who've sung its praises. Another surreal feather in Miike Snow's cap...


DirectorRyan P
ProducerBrynne Copping
Director of PhotographyTravis LaBella
Production designerMolly Burgess
Focus PullerWolf Kirchner
EditorFinal Cut
FlameFinal Cut
GafferJohn Mahoney
Production AssistantKarolyn Szot, N
EditorChris Amos

Sam Hill - 23rd Oct 2012

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