David Knight - 17th Sept 2012

"I don't want reveal how this is done before you watch it, so watch it first," says Daniel Brereton about his intriguing video for Daniel Avery's Taste.

"It might be easy to tell but this was all done an an everyday scanner, I just had the idea to do a video full of scanned images. So i just got the girls to move scan by scan, like in stop-frame animation. They didn't really "get" what was going on at times, but that is cool as it creates mistakes, and I often asked them what they thought would look good.

"I like working like that as then it creates more of a collaboration. Similarly Dan Avery, the musician, came up with a lot of ideas based on a test video I created. Like the make-up, his sister Charli did that. We both wanted to make something that had a sinister feel as I thought that was brought out in the music, one of Dan's influences was "Windowlicker" which has a great video as I am sure we all know."


DirectorDaniel Brereton

David Knight - 17th Sept 2012

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