David Knight - 15th Sept 2011

"After listening to the track for the first time I knew that I would write an ambitious idea," says John. "Build A Fire is one of the heaviest tracks I've heard from Lamb and with its gentle intro, building verses and exploding chorus I felt that the film needed to be as big and epic as possible, achieving the same energy."

"The shoot was great. I guess shooting a special effects film at night, on a deserted wasteland with no electricity under an airport was both incredibly ambitious and probably stupid, but it worked. Producer Ebony Maitland pulled in an exceptional crew who worked incessantly until the early hours. Richard Van Den Burgh did an amazing job with the explosions and flame effects, timing and triggering each one perfectly with the track."

"Lou and Andy were brilliant. There were times when I could see that they wanted to crack up laughing because the heat from the explosions was so intense behind them but I didn't feel it mattered. If anything it stopped their performance from being too stiff. It was great to work with them both and their energy and belief in the idea was perfect"


DirectorJohn Nolan
Production CompanyStreetlight Films UK Ltd / 1/33 Productions Paris
ProducerEbony Maitland
Director of PhotographyChris Sabogal
Director's RepresentationDebs Ramsey
StylistTara Sugar
EditorJohn Nolan
ColouristDenny Cooper @ Rushes
FlameRufus Blackwell @ Rushes

David Knight - 15th Sept 2011

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