David Knight - 19th July 2011

A remarkable, ingenious, but also chilling and even morally questionable video for Cults' Go Outside, which puts the band within a sequence of true events - involving one of the most notorious cults of all - that led to one terrible tragedy. Heartbreaking stuff.

Isaiah Seret's statement on the making of the video for Cults' Go Outside

"To tell the story of Cults' hauntingly beautiful track, "Go Outside", I was inspired to bring the band inside the world of Jim Jones' famous religious cult, Peoples Temple, and the eventual tragedy in Jonestown. Fortunately, when exploring the feasibility of this video I became acquainted with Fielding M. McGehee III, an expert on Peoples Temple history and the primary researcher for the Jonestown Archive. It is thanks to him and his encouragement that I was able to take on this project and through his support gained access to over two and half hours of home videos showing Peoples Temple in Jonestown. For this music video we didn't want to put a spin on the footage or the peoples lives--instead we wanted to re-tell and humanize their story. In order to achieve this we used a combination of stock footage, visual effects and other tricks to embed the band into the historical footage. This was achieved through my collaboration with my visual effects supervisor Bill Gillman and my cinematographer Matthew Lloyd. Lastly, I am moved to say when we completed the video we were able to preview it for some of the survivors of the Jonestown Massacre, who expressed their appreciation of our focus on the lives of the People's Temple members as opposed to exploiting the graphic images of the final tragedy."

PRO Credits


DirectorIsaiah Seret
Executive ProducerCandice Ouaknine
ProducerJett Steiger
EditorLuke Lynch
Production designerMegan Fenton
StylistDiana Contreras & Mindy Le Brock
VFX SupervisorBill Gilman
1st ADShadie Elnashai
Production CompanyPrettybird
Director's RepresentationDoomsday

David Knight - 19th July 2011

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