David Knight - 28th Mar 2011

Here's that rare thing, a proper modern protest song - from a young guy from Loughborough who works on the bins.

MC NxtGen, aka 22 year old Sean Donnelly - aspiring hiphop artist and currently a dustman by trade - has skewered the motives behind controversial planned reforms of the National Health Service with his Andrew Lansley Rap - directed squarely on the UK Health Secretary who is pushing for reforms, including what have been described as the unlikeliest rap lyrics ever written.

And a cheap, cheerful, charming video that's also brilliantly informative is the key vehicle for MC NxtGen to get his message across. In fact, that's all he needs.

Superb, and now Lansley is (hopefully) going to have a very difficult week thanks to this passionate young man, and whoever directed the promo. And YouTube of course.


David Knight - 28th Mar 2011

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