David Knight - 15th Nov 2010

Professor Green's latest video directed by Henry Scholfield is a lot darker than the likes of Just Be Good To Green. It's more in the vein of the superb Upper Clapton Dance - but frankly, just a bit more terrifying.

"I think its really important you people understand what this is," says Professor Green. "It's not saying life is the hardest here. It's not representing world issues, as I'm not a spokesperson for the entire world. It's not me trying to be 'real'. What it is, if only for a small percentage of people, is reality. It exists, and this is it un-exaggerated, un-glossy and un-altered."

Hackney residents (especially ones with kids) look away now. Or perhaps its just time to move...

Henry Scholfield on making the video for Professor Green's Jungle

"Having got the track and not knowing the realities were of life on 'the road' is like Pro hooked me up with an old friend of his from the ends, Ashley Rowe, who in the course of an afternoon told me story after story of things that had happened to his friends, family and himself. I spent a lot of time saying 'really' along with a range of incredulous expletives, and based most of the vignettes and characters on this.

"Campbell and Tiernan made an unbeatable production team and their boldness in the approach to shooting this video really came out in what we were able to capture. Ashley and Daniel Kenton, the other associate producer, pulled together all the guys for the shoot other than a few key cast, who were fantastic. As the policeman, one of eight, who raided our location said "You're with the baddest guys around here." to which the only reply from production was "Well if we're here with the baddest; at least we don't have to worry about anyone else."

"At the end of the day it was an amazing shoot and great process overall. As Stuart (DP) said to me as we were filming the car spinning round sequence: 'This is f***ing good fun'."


DirectorHenry Scholfield
ProducerCampbell Be
Production CompanyFortune Films
Director of PhotographyStuart Bentley
Camera operatorKhaled Lowe
Focus PullerP
DITEric Young
CommissionerJames Hackett
EditorJohnny Rayner

David Knight - 15th Nov 2010

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