Jimmy Brown - 24th May 2010

Adam Smith, now more usually occupied directing telly like Dr Who, resumes his longstanding role as visual-maker for the Chemicals and takes it to the next level.

Including first single Swoon, which follows the thematic tradition of Adam aka Flat Nose George's previous work with Tom & Ed: reverse silhouettes rush by, cleverly lit up in a myriad of colourful ways, and a young couple remember to escape from the mundanity of ordinary life.

Like the other visual work this is also on a DVD which comes with the album...

Watch 'Chemical Brothers’ Swoon by Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall' here

PRO Credits


DirectorAdam Smith
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films
Executive ProducerSvana Gisla
ProducerRob Small
Production ManagerSophie Brooks
Director of PhotographyRichard Stewart
Art DirectorKatie MacGregor
OfflineSeb Duthy & Jonny TV
OnlineJonny TV
CommissionerJames Hackett
DirectorMarcus Lyall

Jimmy Brown - 24th May 2010

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