David Knight - 6th Feb 2009

Kid Gloves took four weeks to make from the initial concept to the finished film - a huge technical challenge for James and his crew. The animation is a combination of 2D drawings animated using Maya and After Effects, and edited using Final Cut Pro.

And this happens to be the first of a trilogy of animated videos for the band - a seriously ambitious project, but the other two are already under way at Transistor.

On the basis of this one, it's going to be very interesting what the mysterious 'Duke' gets up to next...

James Price on making his video for Marmaduke Duke's Kid Gloves

"The guys from the band think about things from a very conceptual standpoint, so when they asked me to pitch an idea for the Kid Gloves video, they also wanted ideas for the next two videos.

"They had created a character called the Duke and wanted him to feature across all the films. This was quite liberating as it allowed me to develop his character and motivations much further than would be possible in a conventional three minute film.

"The band had some ideas about the Duke's character and history, but I was left with a lot of freedom to visualise him in an interesting way and to delve into his motivations. I wanted to create a character with special powers, who can stop time and interfere with the supposed reality of fate.

"The aesthetic of the Duke was really inspired by graphic novels and the use of light and shadows gives him a certain amount of mystery. He is an ambiguous character - you're not sure if you're with him or against him."

Watch 'Marmaduke Duke’s Kid Gloves by James Price' here


Production CompanyStrange Beast
DirectorJames Price

David Knight - 6th Feb 2009

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