Merry Chrissie-mas from Promonews!

Seasons greetings and happy holidays, one and all. We hope you have a very enjoyable and properly festive time, even with the current uncertainties, over the coming days. 

Promonews - 28 days ago


A very special Merry Christmas to you...

We usually celebrate the season with the greatest Christmas duet of all. But this year, it can really only be one song. And this is still the best version. So take it away Judy...

Promonews - 24th Dec 2020


Seasons greetings from Promo News!

It's Christmas Eve, and you really can't put it off any longer. You've got to do the wrapping. So what better way to get you started, is a good bit of Christmas rapping. 

David Knight - 24th Dec 2013

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