David Knight - 16th Feb 2009

Now Mark - currently unsigned for promos and commercials - has directed two micro-budgeted videos for Misty's Big Adventure that interconnect in more ways than one.

Here are two tales of middle England (it was shot in Tamworth) with a lot of heart and soul - from both ends of the age spectrum. The films spin something rather special from everyday reality - and in the case of I Can't Bring The Time Back, Mark was working with a group of 80 year olds with very little idea of the purpose of the filming. But the result may well bring a lump to your throat. Very good indeed.

? I Can't Bring The Time Back shown at BUG 12

Mark Locke on making the videos for Between Me And You and I Can't Bring The Time Back

"After doing a few performance-based videos for Misty's (including the Kaisers/Franz spoofing Fashion Parade, which made NME's Top Ten YouTube Clips of 2007) we decided to try something different - make a mini-movie that would capture the spirit and message of the song.

"This was the second idea I had and is quite a personal one. I wanted to build a rocket in the garden himself when I was about seven, but my Dad said no, thinking that it'd be dangerous and an eyesore, and he was probably right. Then not long after my Dad died and the rocket was never to be. Until now! It's also a video about keeping on chasing your dreams, even if things don't always work out as you hope for, which I'm sure a lot of us can relate to.

"Between was made back to back with I Can't Bring The Time Back and both ended up being very challenging (working with eight year olds and eighty year olds!) and strangely special experiences. The video features Will King and Ella Hall, both eight years old, and Will currently goes to the same primary school as I did. It's both of their screen debuts and it's also a screen debut for my daughter Kiah, who played the baby in the video, aged 6 months.

"Time Back is actually about a relationship that's gone wrong and isn't fixable, but I wanted to go somewhere different with the video, and try to make a film with elderly people. I also wanted to make a video that seemed like it was one thing (people preparing for a funeral) but was actually something else. With a cast of eighteen non-actor pensioners it was never going to be easy, either to find them or rehearse them or do the actual filming - in fact a lot of them didn't even understand what a music video was, and kept asking 'but WHAT are we doing' But we got there in the end and everyone did great.

"We almost got arrested shooting the graveyard sequence with Erotic Volvo (Misty's multi-handed go go dancer) - people from some nearby houses saw Tom (aka Volvo) getting ready and holding the clock hands, reporting 'suspicious people in the graveyard who are blacking their faces up and have huge crossbow arrows'. An armed response unit was on its way. Huge crossbow arrows! Imagine the size of the crossbow if they were the arrows!

"The video features all regular people/non actors with no screen experience, including Arthur Wilson in the lead (former vicar of a local church, now retired, aged 81) and members of the Tamworth Tea Dance Society."

David Knight - 16th Feb 2009

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