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Bonnie Banane 'L'Appetit' by William Laboury

New Division signing William Laboury has made an auspicious debut video for Bonnie Banane - as unsettling as it is beautiful.  

For a start the object of Bonnie's affections is a thing of weird beauty: a wax-like male dummy, created for medical purposes. Then things take a grisly turn, revealing the dummy's anatomical correctness. A very stylish and sexy horrorshow.  

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Coco Banana 'Earthquaker' by Simon Landrein

Simon Landrein's gorgeous, simple animation for Coco Banana is a bizarre calamity of stylish sex and violence. Featuring a hitchhiker, a gunfight, a legally safe knock-off of Batman, and a smattering of public fellatio.

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Bear's Den 'Dew On The Vine' by Louis Bhose

British alternative rock band Bear's Den have released this tongue-in-cheek but strangely gripping video for Dew On The Vine directed by Louis Bhose, set around a high stakes, closed doors ping-pong tournament.

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Holy Fuck 'Tom Tom' by Michael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc's first effort as a standalone director following the end of his directing partnership with Scott Cudmore came out a few months ago. Shot in Romania, with camerawork by LeBlanc himself, it's a story of a young villager with very special powers.

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