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Corinne Bailey Rae 'Skies Will Break' by Chloe Hayward

Corinne Bailey Rae summons the forces of nature in this awesome video from Chloe Hayward.

Combining incredible scenery, flawless costume and an absolutely gorgeous colour grade by Toby Tomkins, this video sees Rae performing whilst seemingly conducting the sky in a series of surreal and beautiful landscapes.

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Michael Nau 'Love Survive' by Parallel Teeth

Plants grow, particles swim, lakewater ripples and all is well and good in this positively lovely visual directed and animated by Parallel Teeth, aka Robert Wallace.

Its a life-affirming little video for a soothing track by siner-songwriter Michael Nau, made up of pastel-textured bits of the natural world, coming together in a rhythmic fashion and making lively patterns. Just great. 

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S G Lewis ft. Gallant 'Holding Back' by John Merizalde

John Merizalde has shown how he can blur the lines between drama and reality in his recent videos for Declan McKenna and Lewis Del Mar. Now he's done a full-on documentary, with a heartwarming profile of the Cascade roller skating rink in Atlanta, its rich history and important place in the local culture, for SG Lewis's Holding Back.

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Jordan Max 'Hell' by Hector Dockrill

South London director Hector Dockrill takes us on a filmic tour through the streets of singer Jordan Max's hometown of Oldham, Lancashire, in this slice-of-life video for his song Hell. Gritty, grey and darkly atmospheric, the video portrays the toughness of the place - the inside of the local butchers' and boxing gym - and the people who inhabit it.  

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