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Nick Mulvey 'Unconditional' by Bastian Glaessner

Bastian Glaessner's video for singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey's Unconditional depicts the extreme highs and lows of the relationship of a young couple living in a caravan park, affected by the wild moodswings of the girl in the partnership.

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Sara Shevlin 'Walk The Wonders' by Will & Carly

A young man walks through different parts of London at night - nothing unusual there, but for Sara Shevlin's debut single Walk The Wonders, new directors Will & Carly have succeeded in giving his journey a distinctive quality.

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Declan McKenna 'The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home' by Bunny Kinney

“I feel like our generation is lost, I feel like we don’t know where we’re heading.”

Bunny Kinney's video for Declan McKenna is a wry, insightful look at youth and the way they see the world. It flips the prevailing narrative of scorn towards 'millennials' on its head, and asks the generations preceding them to consider the world they have left for their children.

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Alice Jemima 'Electric' by Afloat

Girl bikers rumble through London, while singer-songwriter Alice Jemima leads her band playing Electric on the roof of a multistorey car park, in the video directed by Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham - aka Afloat.

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Willie J Healey 'Would You Be' by Finn Keenan

Finn Keenan directs a charmingly funny mockumentary for Willie J Healey, in which he tasks Willie with playing “a pathetic but likable character who dedicated his life to recording the sound of things that don’t make sound.” Willie is a "Mute-ician" (someone who specialises in recording nonophonic sound, don't you know).

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