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Artificial Pleasure 'I'll Make It Worth Your While' by Dylan Holmes Williams

Dylan Holmes Williams' Artificial Pleasure clip is an exercise in bad medicine.

A man, clearly in pain, is being restrained by Doctors seemingly against his will, whilst screaming the refrain of 'let me out'. For the longest time we're left to wonder what the hell is wrong with him, and then the diagnosis explodes onto the screen in graphic, naked glory.

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Baustelle 'Amanda Lear' by TO GUYS

Milan-based K48 Productions and directing duo TO GUYS present a surreal nightclubbing adventure dripping with retro style for the Italian pop-rock outfit Baustelle's tribute to French model and disco icon Amanda Lear.

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Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' by Ryan Staake

You know how we often have notes from the director about how they made the video, under this bit? Well, Ryan Staake had a better idea: putting his Director's Notes actually in the video itself. 

It wasn't quite what he had planned originally for the video for Young Thug's Wyclef Jean. But why explain further when Ryan does so in the video itself?

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Skepta 'Greatness Only' by Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker has directed a documentary which follows Skepta as he prepares for his Alexandra Palace show, as well as documenting his meteoric rise to success.

Presented by his sister, Beats 1 DJ Julie Adenuga, and features interviews with his mother Ify Adenuga, JME and Pharrell, the short film is now showing on Apple Music.


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Residente 'Somos Anormales' by Residente

Deep breaths. Right. Where to begin?

We're just over two weeks into 2017 and the bar has just been set for music video weirdness. Peurto Rican rapper Residente directs his own video here which inexplicably stars John Leguizamo as a member of an, err, eclectic tribe born from a woman who herself just hatched from an egg.

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Diplo & Autoerotique 'Waist Time' by Remi Paringaux

Following the song's clear instructions to move one's waistline to the bassline, Remi Paringaux's video for Diplo & Autoerotique's Waist Time follows a hula-hooping girl gang through the streets of London (matching boiler suits et al) 'til they find an appropriate place to demonstrate their skills.

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Coldplay 'Amazing Day' by The Firepit

On November 19th 2016, Coldplay asked their fans to "show them what was happening in their corner of the world" to coincide with Global Citizen Day. The response was immediate and huge.

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