Oscar #Worldpeace & Ragz Originale 'Send' by Broken Antenna

Oscar #Worldpeace & Ragz Originale 'Send' by Broken Antenna
  • By Lassamie Prasimay
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On their quest for the love, Oscar #Worldpeace and Ragz Originaleare comically oblivious to the fact that they are in some of the most romantic scenarios possible because they are ironically glued to their phones, in search of more, in Broken Antenna's video. 

'Sliding into dm's' gets a bright 90s makeover - with plenty of famous romantic films references you can guess at, and then think "they don't make them like that anymore" – as directing duo Broken Antenna comment on modern dating and mobile phone culture.

It's a playful criticism of the constant search for something exciting through apps and social media, whilst ignoring the world around you at that moment in time. And Oscar and Ragz make an entertaining double act, with an old school vibe. 


Broken Antenna
Josh Hillman
Executive Producer
Claire Oxley
Director of Photography
Alex Reid
Focus Puller
Pete Wade
Focus Puller
Jonny Lewis
Yan Murawski
Will Pope
Ben Bouillier
Jack McGinity
Cranrust Vfx, Huw Caddy
Dominic Noble

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