Daithí ft. The Sei 'In My Darkest Moments' by Lochlainn McKenna

Daithí ft. The Sei 'In My Darkest Moments' by Lochlainn McKenna
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Lochlainn McKenna has directed a riveting character study for the Irish electronic artist known as Daithí. 

Set in rural Ireland, McKenna creates an eerily empty world for two young men bereft of purpose. They are brooding, bored, waiting for something to happen, and the pent-up energy of these two silent characters - played by the charismatic pair Shane Doonan and Shane O'Regen - will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

Actor-turned-director McKenna does an excellent job of building tension around the absence of action, while DoP Karl Poyzer captures a weirdly sun-kissed Irish setting beautifully, adding a repeated slow camera zoom whch itself becomes hypnotic. Impressive stuff.

“I wanted to make a film for Daithí’s song, which basically focuses on these two guys that let life’s opportunities pass them by”, McKenna has told Clash Music. “It may be that they didn’t manage to get the good job in the big city; maybe they didn’t get the exam results they wanted or needed, whatever it may be - they are now consigned to a near purgatory-like existence of boredom, repetitive drinking, smoking, mindlessly scrolling through their phones and watching shit TV.”



Lochlainn McKennaLochlainn McKenna website
Daithí O'dronaí
Production Company
Lochlainn McKenna
Production Manager
Oisin Fleming
Director of Photography
Karl Poyzer
Focus Puller
Luke Talbot
Lochlainn McKenna
Leandro Arouca
Grading company
Element Post
Shane O'regan, Shane Doonan

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