Sophie Hunger 'Tricks' by Matilda Finn

Sophie Hunger 'Tricks' by Matilda Finn
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Matilda Finn's video for Sophie Hunger begins with a silent prelude, in a house shrouded in grief, where a young woman surveys the body of an aged relative, laid out before her burial. But then the body changes.

Suddenly, its all action: a car rally in the forest, a car careering through the woods in a race against time, surrounded by cheering crowds. The driver strives to cut seconds with an ever faster and dangerous drive, to the alarm of the co-driver.

It's the stuff of testosterone-heavy films down the ages, but the difference here is that everyone, from driver to crowd to mourners are female. And as she has done so successfully in the past Finn charts a path in her images - beautfully shot by Ben Fordesman in sun-kissed Ukraine - between urgent reality and a surreal dreamscape. The characters, storyline only make total sense in relation to the track. As it should be. 


Matilda Finn
Gloria Bowman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Luke Tierney
1st AD
Vadim Yuzba
Director of Photography
Ben Fordesman
Focus Puller
Eugene Bubley
Max Ruban
Art Director
Daniel Dubrovsky
Juli Levitskaya
Natalia Dankovska
Natalia Dankovska
Matilda Finn
Simone Grattarola
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Natalia Maus
Service Company
2332 Films
Service Producer
Dasha Deriagina
Alexis Savelov
Stunt Driver
Vitaliy Gerashenko
Casting Director
Karin Melnychenko / Papacasting Studio
Location Manager
Vikto Shava
Service PM
Denis Kumeiko
Max Varava
Video Assistant
Max Suhow
Assistant Editor
Sebastian Hinds
Dasha & Alina Palahniuk
Special Thanks
Ian Pons Jewell & Sebastian Hinds

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