Plan B 'Guess Again' by Andrew Donoho

Plan B 'Guess Again' by Andrew Donoho
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Andrew Donoho helms this dark sci-fi action thriller for Plan B's hugely powerful Guess Again. It's a furiously paced story which, at its heart, delivers an ominous warning about the future of technology.

Ben Drew aka Plan B was deeply involved in the making of the video, as the writer, directing 2nd unit and co-editing the work with Chris Dart and Donoho. 

As for Andrew Donoho, he is making a habit of chronicling future dystopian times. This closely follows his collaboration with Janelle Monae on her longform 'emotion picture' for her new album Dirty Computer


Andrew Donoho
Amber Millington
Production Company
Bullion Productions
Executive Producer
Hannah Gracie
Executive Producer
Flo Clive
Line Producer
Emilia Reid
Production Assistant
Eve Burton
Director of Photography
Jan David ​Günther
Andrew Donoho
Chris Dart
Kristopher Smale
Grading company
Andrew Donoho
Sound design
Jackie Zhou​
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Dan Curwin
Atlantic Records
Service Producer
Arnas Ringaitis
Andres Jarmillio, Vitaly Verlov, Derek King.
2nd Unit
Plan B
Plan B
​Additional Greenscreen Footage By
Ed Skrein​

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