Belle & Sebastian 'Poor Boy' by Oscar Sansom & Ciaran Lyons

Belle & Sebastian 'Poor Boy' by Oscar Sansom & Ciaran Lyons
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Oscar Sansom and Ciaran Lyons, directing colleagues at The Forest Of Black, have collaborated for the first time as a directing team on this lovely video for Belle & Sebastian's Poor Boy.

They take us to a classic Glasgow tenement, where a young lad takes a voyeuristic interest in the strange behaviour of his neighbours (including several members of B&S).

Like a very eccentric Glaswegian Rear Window, and nicely bolsters the burgeoning reputations of both Sansom and Lyons in one fell swoop. 

From the director


"We live in cities stacked on top of one another but often without knowing anything about the people who live right next to us. We hear the muffled sounds of our neighbours and try to make sense of what story is playing out through the wall or below our feet.

"The video makes a playful exploration of these human connections (or lack thereof) from the viewpoint of a curious young boy. He observes and creates imagined stories for the people who live opposite him, constructed from odd fragments glimpsed through window frames.

"It was an exciting project to work on, being our first collaboration together. We both brought different approaches and ideas to the table, and they gelled together into something we were both really happy with.

"The company have a long history working with Belle and Sebastian, so it was great that the band gave us the trust and space to really craft something special. We had a great crew of frequent collaborators, and there was a real atmosphere of fun (as well as creative commitment) on the shoot that we hope translates into the final film!"


Ciaran Lyons
Oscar Sansom
Beth Allan
Production Company
The Forest Of BlackThe Forest Of Black website
Director of Photography
David Liddell
Danny Filmer
Art Director
Cara Roxburgh
Flore De Hoog
Debbie Black
Ciaran Lyons
Oscar Sansom
Post production company
The Forest Of BlackThe Forest Of Black website
Ciaran Lyons
Oscar Sansom
Matador Records
Art Department Assistant
Kirstin Rodger
Marie Lidén & Ainsley Bowman
Trainee Runner
Ethan Doherty
Alex Bb (Onlooker Boy) Ellie (Rifle Girl) Robert Wallace (Cigarette Smoker) Emma Goss (Aggro Chopper) Natalie Mcgo (Phonecaller)

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