Kamaal Williams 'Catch The Loop' by Greg Barnes

Kamaal Williams 'Catch The Loop' by Greg Barnes
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Greg Barnes comes up with a part-teaser, part-proper music video for Henry Wu aka Kamaal Williams (of the excellent Yussef Kamaal Trio) chronicling his return to action with a cooler-than-thou low-budget action movie vibe. 

Barnes leans on balancing a dry humour with some strong 16mm cinematic compositions in this fast-moving piece for Catch The Loop, focussing on the concept of a band reuniting for a big new jam. He and Wu/Williams even set up an 0800 phone number from which fans can ring up for more stuff. And Greg Barnes says it came about by "trusting our guts and instincts - seizing opportunity and improvising moments."

And Henry Wu adds: "Working with Greg has been a game changer. Someone that shares my vision for this music and how it needs to be presented visually. Everything about this video was natural. We hung out and he captured the essence of what it is we do! Straight Funk!"

From the director


"‘Catch the Loop’ signifies a return for Henry, and in many ways it’s felt like a resurrection for myself too. We took direction and influence from all around us - I found inspiration for the text and compositions from a Duke Ellington album cover I found in Asia, and used text as a way for Henry’s Chinese heritage to become part of the video in print form, and then ran with the motif of an interconnecting phone call bringing the band together; we even decided to register an actual 0800 number that viewers can call in to to hear more, and leave voicemails for the band: 0800 799 WU17.

"Wu’s approach to making music was a blueprint for the filmmaking process; trusting our guts and instincts - seizing opportunity and improvising moments - we both wanted the same video, and it was really inspiring to work this way."


Greg Barnes
Kiran Mandla
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Kiran Mandla
Greg Barnes
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Black Focus Records

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