Fekky ft. Shakka 'My Size' by Labi Odebunmi

Fekky ft. Shakka 'My Size' by Labi Odebunmi
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Labi Odebunmi directs Fekky and Shakka in the streets of South Africa and an opulent villa – where Fekky is joined in the pool by unique female talents never used in a music video of this kind. Adds another level of watchability to a vibrant, feel-good summer video.


From the director


"This is definitely one of Fekky’s lighter songs and we wanted to create a summer video that puts him in his element, incorporates his flamboyant style he’s known for - while exhibiting his connection to grassroots and opulence level. 

"Running with the summer mood, I thought it would be cool to use synchronised swimmers to add what dancers would add to a video shooting on land. It was a pleasure working with them and having them involved as they’re actually from the national South-African Olympic team.

"Overall, it was great to see how comfortable both Fekky & Shakka fitted into both environments and i think thats kudos to their cultural depths and charisma’s as individuals."


Labi Odebunmi
Chance Wilson
Production Company
Sugarcane MediaSugarcane Media website
Executive Producer
Indiana Mookram
Executive Producer
Lavinia Noel
Director of Photography
Nate Thomas
Lavinia Noel
Labi Odebunmi
Post production company
Sugarcane MediaSugarcane Media website
Director's Representation
Sugarcane MediaSugarcane Media website
Antoine Dixon-Bellot
Island Records

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