Paloma Faith 'Crybaby' by Thomas James

Paloma Faith 'Crybaby' by Thomas James
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Paloma Faith returns with the first video from her new album The Architect, and the first of a two part collaboration with UKMVA-nominated Thomas James.

For Crybaby, we're thrust into a brutal future society where young boys are drilled and bullied into their expected roles of hard, emotionless domination. A bit like going to an English public school. Paloma is one of the submissive maidens at the institution who develops a protective instinct for one of the more vulnerable boys.

Paloma has commented: “The lyrics are a conversation between a man and I, and the song questions whether global conflicts would cease to exist if men successfully dealt with their feelings. Would things be resolved without attack and with measured discussion?”

Thomas James has interpreted the lyrics in his distinctive dark narrative style, and having built the scenario with a series of harrowing scenes - intercut with Paloma's performance - he ends it on a cliffhanger. Everyone who watches this will want to watch part two.


Thomas James
Christian Gill
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Executive Producer
Martin Roker
Executive Producer
Sam Holmes
Director of Photography
Benjamin Wearing
Alex Noble
Eamonn Hughes
Lan Nguyen
Rebecca Luff
Editing company
Richard Fearon
Post production company
Post Producer
Zoe Hockings
Director's Representation
Holly Wolfers
Elizabeth Doonan
Sony Music
Production designer
Alexander Cameron
Service Company
Service Company Producer
Dasha Deriagina 
Assistant Editor
 Amanda Jenkins
Head Of Production
 Ed Hoadley
Post Producer
 Zoe Hockings
Head Of Colour Production
 Ellora Chowdhury
Colour Production
 Olivia Jessop
Post Production Coordinator
 Tamara Mennell
Additional Finishing
 Luti Media
Compositor & Motion Designer
 Asad Naveed
Executive Assistant
 Fatima Ouklilane

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