The Amazons 'Ultraviolet' by Oscar Sansom

The Amazons 'Ultraviolet' by Oscar Sansom
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The Amazons got all scratched up by Oscar Sansom and lived to tell the tale.

With a performance shot on 16mm, Sansom took to "mutilating the negative" as he puts it. In fact, he has shown terrific delicacy in enhancing the power of the performance with physical marks on the neg.

From the director


"I am very focused on process in my work and the idea of really crafting something. It was important to me not to just add animation digitally in this video but to physically scratch and effect the negative. The band has this amazing effortless rock’n roll attitude and sound and I wanted to reflect that through the techniques I used.

"Shot on 16mm to give it a beautiful filmic texture I then went about mutilating the final negative. Bleach, scratching, ink and fire were my weapons of choice, I did everything you are told not to do with a negative and there is something quite enjoyable about that punk style approach to making."


Oscar Sansom
Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
Production Company
Forest Of Black
Executive Producer
Beth Allan
Director of Photography
James Rhodes
Focus Puller
Luke Cairns
2nd AC
Darren Johnson
Bill Rae Smith
Harris Elliott, Bevan Agyemang
Charlotte Creighton
Charlotte Creighton
Michael Sherrington, Oscar Sansom
Editing company
Forest Of Black
Oscar Sansom
Ross Hogg
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be Brave
Carrie Sutton
East London StudiosEast London Studios website
Sam Alberg & David Sedgwick
Trainee Spark
Rufai Ajala
Desk Op
Daf Cook
Femi Anderson & Tor Richards

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