Sam Frankl 'Gold Rush' by Will & Carly

Sam Frankl 'Gold Rush' by Will & Carly

Sam Frankl sits defiant as the walls crash down around him in Will & Carly's promo for Gold Rush.

Sat in a living room of a high-rise in the midst of demolition, the video positions Frankl as a hold-out, protesting the destruction of his home, which we see littered with hints of a history soon to be forgotten and residents with nowhere left to turn. Inspired by Frankl's interactions with some of the last residents of the Heygate Estate, the clip is dark, right and poignant. 

From the director


"Drawing inspiration from the single art work which itself was influenced by Caravaggio, we wanted to create a rich, dark domestic space where different people and voices coexisted on multiple levels. Within the dimensions are the “real” people, ghosts of people who once inhabited the space and then Sam and his crew, who appear as the physical manifestation of the voice of protest."


Will & CarlyWill & Carly website
Andy Roberts
1st AD
Riccardo D'amico
Director of Photography
Harry Wheeler
Focus Puller
Joe Hofmann
Art Director
Alannah Byrne
Coline Bach
Andrea Gomez
Jamie O'Donnell
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Grant Phillips
Jim Bracher
Grading company
The Mill
Post Producer
Ian Berry
George Rockliffe

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