Sub Focus ft Alma 'Don't You Feel It' by Taichi Kimura

Sub Focus ft Alma 'Don't You Feel It' by Taichi Kimura
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Drawing inspiration from the early rave days and grainy VHS videos, Taichi Kimura's video for Sub Focus follows a group of friends as they head out to an underground warehouse party. The video takes the viewer back to the era that influenced both artists’ careers and style.

Kimura, who’s originally from Japan, says: “To try and portray London in a different manner looking from the outside in, that was my biggest challenge for this project. I used locations and outfits to create a futuristic London.”


Taichi Kimura
Mickey Voak
Production Company
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
Production Manager
Luke Blackett
Director of Photography
Annika Summerson
1st AD
Gareth Lewis
2nd AD
Rosie Owen
Focus Puller
Agatha Lee
2nd AC
Daniel Swilenov
Emilio Schlappi
Production designer
Siobhan Walsh
Set Dresser
James Robson
PC Williams
Hair & Make-up
Rachel Hearle
Hair & Make-up
Asuka Fukuda
Casting director
Noni Yolande
Director of Photography
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company
Lev Bravo
John Moule
Virgin Records
Stylist Asst
Mistee G / Amie Wolfe
H&MU Asst
Ashelene Scott / Dani Emua

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