Danger Mouse 'Chase Me' by Andrew Donoho

Danger Mouse 'Chase Me' by Andrew Donoho

Edgar Wright's new movie Baby Driver hits cinemas imminently, and the soundtrack plays a huge role in the movie. So it makes sense then that Andrew Donoho's clip for one of the lead tracks from said soundtrack should take place within that cinematic universe.

An expert blend of footage from the movie itself and footage of Big Boi, RTJ and Danger Mouse making a break for it in the soon-to-be-iconic getaway car make the performance video feel like a seamless, stylish and downright exciting part of Wright's wider movie world.

And, lest we forget, the first time Wright brought the Baby Driver character to the screen was in his Mint Royale video for Blue Song, starring Noel Fielding, back in 2002. 


Andrew Donoho
Ryan Huffman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ian Blair
Executive Producer
Edgar Wright
Production Manager
Pete Mcclellan
Production Manager
Megan Dahl
1st AD
Evans "griff" Griffin
Director of Photography
Nate Hurtsellers
Focus Puller
Chris Larsen
2nd AC
Chris Dawson
Edward Nyankori
Andrew Donoho
Editing company
Trailer Park Editorial
Ricky Gausis
Grading company
Director's Representation
Ob Management (uk)
Director's Representation
Reprobates (us)
Saul Levitz
Columbia Records

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