Kwaye 'Little Ones' by Billy Boyd Cape

Kwaye 'Little Ones' by Billy Boyd Cape
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The second video for Kwaye by Billy Boyd Cape reinforces the sense that we're looking at a very exciting new talent - both an authentic new soul performer and great dancer.

There is not much more here than song and dance performance here - the latter choreographed by Aaron Sillis – in an interesting church-like location, and the director and artist - and his dancer friends - make it compelling. 

From the director


"It’s been truly exciting working with a new artist like Kwaye who is willing be so bold, brave and really take some chances. Kwaye’s music spills with inspiration so we tapped into the old school influences of D’Angelo and MJ and then took modern twists, like with the stunning choreography from Aaron Sillis.

"The video hopes to take you on a journey inside Kwaye as he meets the different parts of his past personality. Different characters represent his darker struggles, repression and fight beyond that into the person he is today."


Billy Boyd Cape
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Liz Kessler
Morgan Clement
Production Manager
Leah Joyce
1st AD
James Dyer
Director of Photography
Molly Manning Walker
Aaron Sillis
United Agency
Art Director
Xander Mitchell
Casting director
Sue Odell
Hair & Make-up
Gaby Winwood
Ruth Hegarty
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Daniel DeVue
Grading company
Mind Of A Genius
Creative Director
Titus Hajek Moore

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