Mark Lanegan 'Beehive' by Zhang+Knight

Mark Lanegan 'Beehive' by Zhang+Knight

Zhang+Knight's new clip is a powerful meditation on aging and mortality, told from the perspective of a vampire couple.

Like if Only Lovers Left Alive was remade in the British social realist tradition, the clip sees the vampires become so defeated by their own blood addiction that they decide the only way is out. We follow them as they come to terms with their decision in the desolation of Clacton On Sea.

A mix of the bizarre, the grotesque and ultimately, the heartbreaking - as the sun rises with our protagonists sitting on the beach, we all know what's coming.


Zhang + Knight
Emma Britton
Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Production Manager
Izzy Walton
1st AD
Gareth Lewis
Director of Photography
Benjamin Wearing
Focus Puller
Dan West
Simon Mills
Art Director
Zoe Klinck
Taff Williamson
Natalie Young
Phillip Hambi
Grading company
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Craig Penney

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