Shobaleader One 'Iambic 5 Poetry' by Brain Wash

Shobaleader One 'Iambic 5 Poetry' by Brain Wash
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Sometimes all you need are a bunch of guys in monk's habits and hoods wearing LED masks, and some smoke. Directing duo Brain Wash prove as much in their atmospheric and hypnotic video for Shobaleader One - the 'live band' side project of Squarepusher.

And as Brain Wash reveal below, the cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid was definitely an influence. DoP Yiannis Manolopoulos's cinematography establishes the mood. And those LED masks, programmed by Zak Norman, are very cool indeed.

From the director


"The concept was to build on some of the ideas generated in the album art of the LPs gatefold which tells the story of the four Shobaleaders returning to Earth under the instruction of their guiding principle and unifying force 'Elektrac'. We wanted to make something mysterious and moody that subtly built on the band's lure and mythology by showing them arriving to Earth and attempting to recontact Elektrac via some indecipherable light ritual. 

"The artwork for Black Sabbath's self-titled LP and some dicy episodes of Doctor Who were our main visual inspiration. We looked for interesting locations that evoked a very British, pagan kind of vibe that we could bring to life with a freaky light show. The idea being to ground these strange electronic lifeforms in an equally strange rural setting to make an otherworldly juxtaposition that would tie into with the melancholy melody of the track.”


Brain Wash
Jack Lightfoot
Production Company
Blindeye FilmsBlindeye Films website
Assistant Producer
Matthew Hopper
Production Manager
Emily Vincent
Director of Photography
Yiannis Manolopoulos
1st AC
Jackie Teboul
Lighting Board Operator
Ryan George
Dan Davies
Oisín O’Driscoll
Grading company
The Mill
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Rik Green
Warp Records
Mask Programmer
Zak Norman
Kato Murphy

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