Fickle Friends 'Hello Hello' by Rob Brandon

Fickle Friends 'Hello Hello' by Rob Brandon
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Rob Brandon's video for Fickle Friends takes a familiar premise and makes it fresh and entertaining all over again. 

It's a casting session in which the auditionees fall under the mercy of a fussily idiosyncratic casting director - Rob Brandon himself. Pushing his charges to do all kinds of things for an unspecified production, out of which comes a performance of the bright and breezy Hello Hello, some stripping off and sexy dancing.  

Fun pop video vibes in the vein of Brandon's entertaining videos for George Ezra a couple of years back, whilst revealing the true reason why people want to direct: to get people to do silly things.   


Rob Brandon
Rob Jelley
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
1st AD
Afzal Robbani
Director of Photography
Dan Stafford Clark
Focus Puller
Sam Riley
2nd AC
Lydia Stott
Ben Manwaring
Art Director
Bon Walsh
Stylist (Artist)
Beth Buxton
Rob Brandon
Dan Moran
Stylist (cast)
Nil Tomakan
Grading company
Coffee & TV
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Emily Tedrake
Hair & Make-up
Dorita Nissen
Casting director
Kharmel Cochrane

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