Halsey 'Now Or Never' by Sing J Lee

Halsey 'Now Or Never' by Sing J Lee
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After a quiet spell Sing J Lee steps up to the mark again in music videos with a real statement for Halsey. And it's just for starters.

The video for Now Or Never is a blockbuster - a big, cinematic fantasy action thriller with blue-haired Halsey falling for a rival gang member during a turf war of heavily armed kids in a dangerous near-future LA. 

Everything leads inexorably to a gripping and very violent climax, and it's expertly helmed by Lee, in his first big Stateside music video. And this happens to be just the first half of the story. As Halsey escapes to cut her blue locks and recover from the trauma, we suspect there will be further twists in the tale.

It's beautifully shot by Kristof Brandl, and as well as the two for Halsey, Sing J Lee has also worked with the DoP in a video shot in Shanghai for Tchami that comes out shortly. With another video for Raye in pre-production, Lee is well and truly back - all guns blazing.


Sing J Lee
Laure Salgon
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Laura Jones
Director of Photography
Kristof Brandl
Ryan Beck
Editing company
Final Cut
Houmam Abdallah
Grading company
Director's Representation
PartizanPartizan website
Targa Sahyoun
Danny Lockwood

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