Anna Meredith 'Dowager' by Ewan Jones Morris

Anna Meredith 'Dowager' by Ewan Jones Morris
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In Ewan Jones Morris's last video for Anna Meredith the frame is filled with rows of smaller images showing variations of everyday things - an excellent way to express the complex layers of her music. Now he's gone much further.

For Dowager, this mosaic becomes a mad scramble of vintage art books, notebooks, photos and charging phones where each element is animated or contains live performance by members of Meredith's band.

Then the imagery migrates to a flow of digital windows on a computer screen, where the performers vie with constantly changing clip art. Again each element is individually animated. A near-insane task brilliantly achieved by Jones Morris to reflect the sophistication of Meredith's music.


Ewan Jones Morris
Ewan Jones Morris
Special Thanks
Nev Pecotic
Special Thanks
Ben Reed
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