Imelda May 'Should've Been You' by Laura Scrivano

Imelda May 'Should've Been You' by Laura Scrivano
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Imelda May joins everyday superwomen on a march through Brixton Market in London in this rousing one-shot video directed by Laura Scrivano - her second video for the artist – for Should've Been You.

Imelda has explained that she was inspired by the recent Women’s March in reaction to Donald Trump becoming US President. “I wanted to ask the question ‘who takes care of us?' We are 50% of the world and it’s the people in power’s responsibility to take care of women as well," she says.

She has also shed her old rockabilly style for a more down-to-earth look while keeping a slightly retro pop sound, and she really makes it work for her here - and she is well supported by a well-cast range of hardworking London women. Scrivano, in her second video for the artist, has done a great job, making something essentially political but also entertaining. Inspirational stuff for a very hummable song. 


From the director


"Imelda made it really clear from the outset that she didn't want a 'breakup' clip. She didn't want to play the victim or the angry woman. Rather Imelda wanted this very personal song to have greater reach and become an anthem for women of all walks of life.

"We both share real sadness and anger at recent global events - the decriminalisation of domestic violence in Russia, the attacks on women rights by the Trump administration, and the tiring fact we still have a huge gender pay gap and challenges around maternity leave and childcare support in the UK. In the course of our conversation it became obvious to me the clip needed to feature real women and be shot in a everyday public place - like Brixton Market. I wanted the clip to feel like a 'happening', an impulsive and unplanned roar of female empowerment.

"Staging the clip in one continuous shot gave us that edge, not to mention a serious shot of adrenaline! I had an absolute ball working with Imelda again, and the incredible women who showed up to participate in the clip. The energy on set was amazing and it is an testament to the cast, crew and people of London that we pulled it off!"


Laura Scrivano
Rob Jelley
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
Production Manager
Ben Larthe
1st AD
Kerry Green
Director of Photography
Mary Farbrother
Focus Puller
Catharine Brown
2nd AC
Eve Carreno
Jeffrey Michael
Dee Moran
Craig Purves
Lisa Mejuto
Sophie Cox
Anil Griffin
Edwin Metternich
Grading company
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Cynthia Lole
Steadicam Operator
Iain Mackay
Production Assistant
Tamara Lenz
Casting Director
Kharmel Cochrane

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