Kurupt FM ft. Ed Sheeran for Comic Relief by Ben & Ross

Kurupt FM ft. Ed Sheeran for Comic Relief by Ben & Ross
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Having recovered from the disappointment of not meeting a proper urban artist like Stormzy or Skepta in Part One, Kurupt FM's Grindah and Beats have transformed one of Ed Sheeran's campfire songs into a banger that is going to bring garage music to Africa. Now it's time for the video.

Ben & Ross guide the guys from the phenomenal People Just Do Nothing through an excellently misguided version of Africa, liberating the continent with their UKG and Grime vibes - mostly (but it seems not all) courtesy of great greenscreen, with the initially oblivious but ultimately offended Ed.

A refreshingly irreverent and even postmodern approach to an important cause, which arguably outshone the more well-publicised stuff broadcast on this year's Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Surely no one was funnier than Chabuddy G...


Ben & Ross
Jon Petrie
Production Manager
Georgia Collins
Director of Photography
James Rhodes
Charlie Bird
Director's Representation
Bullion ProductionsBullion Productions website

Watch here

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