VÉRITÉ 'Phase Me Out' by Charlie Manton

VÉRITÉ 'Phase Me Out' by Charlie Manton

Charlie Manton's video for VÉRITÉ is a dreamlike exploration of a bad relationship told through surreal, melancholic visuals.

NFTS grad Manton's first music video sees a blend of VFX styles, from a man with a TV set for a head to extraneous limbs dotted around the apartment setting, to straight up static glitching on a character's face. All this to aid to the narrative push that something isn't quite right in this relationship. Electronic devices are smashed, food and feathers fly everywhere, footage is reversed and slowed down - the screen is constantly occupied by chaos.

In places, it feels as if Manton was unsure of some of his more effective visual moments (the match cut between a baseball bat hitting the aforementioned TV screen head to a pillow fight between the to protagonists being an effective swipe at the audience's perception) and so threw in a few more set pieces to drive the feeling home. The video shines in the moments where it shows the restraint not to throw every technique into play, and in those shining moments is where the story really works.


Charlie Manton
Emily Everdee
Production Company
Duelling ProductionsDuelling Productions website
Production Manager
Devon Armstrong
1st AD
Lizzy Mansfield
Director of Photography
Charlie Manton
Focus Puller
Will Maas
Rose Hockaday
Art Director
Charlie Meakin
Claire Addicott
Claire Addicott
Charlie Manton
Charlie Manton
Charlie Manton
Steven Bray, John Kehena Lucy
Freddie Thorp
Vanessa Magos
New Torch Entertainment, Kobalt

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