Oliver ft. Scott Mellis 'Electrify' by Alan Masferrer

Oliver ft. Scott Mellis 'Electrify' by Alan Masferrer
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Alan Masferrer presents a heavy-smoking playboy and his delightfully energetic friend in this kooky and very charming two-hander for LA's electro-disco duo Oliver.

With plenty of appropriately 80s signifiers – the lips on the TV screens, the gold lamé swimwear, and a hero with a touch of the Dudley Moores about him - Masferrer toys with numerous influences (including perhaps, the love-hate relationship between Clouseau and Kato in the Pink Panther films). But there is nothing predictable about it - oer a recognisably linear narrative.

But who cares, with a song this good, and a couple (Spanish actors Sheila Jordà and Xavier Pàmies) this loveable...?

From the director


"Creatively the main challenge was to deal with some amazing but also too overexploted references from the Eighties. The design of the set was one of my main obsessions but I didn't realize how difficult it was to work on until it was too late to change. It was much smaller and limiting than I had imagined.

"I have to give massive thanks to Grayskull and to all my crew, they made a huge effort to get everything I asked and to finish my demanding shooting plan in only one day, even suffering some inopportune power outages! Caroline Clayton, my lovely rep in the US, was also amazing getting this job for me and making everything as easy as possible." 


Alan Masferrer
Production Company
Snow Beach
Production Company
Executive Producer
Matt Zolly
Executive Producer
Daniel Monedero
Executive Producer
Jesus Alamo
Line Producer
Lara Saborido
Head Of Production
Raquel Giménez
Production Coordinator
Idoia Rueda
1st AD
Didac Meya
Director of Photography
ElÍas M. FÉlix
Production designer
Iván Triviño Martínez
Tuixén Benet
Jèss Monterde
Hair & Make-up
Núria Céspedes
Lluis Murua
Post production company
Glassworks Barcelona
Xavi Santolaya
Director's Rep (UK)
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
Director's Rep (US)
Caroline Clayton
Mireia Fontanals, Albert Barea
2nd AD
Carlota Meya, Rita Capella
Focus Puller Camera A
Ana Ferrón
Clapper Loader Camera A
Video Assist.
Julia Rossetti
2nd Camera Operator
Carlos Rigó
Focus Puller Camera B
Agnés Piqué
Clapper Loader Camera B
Martí Herrera
Lluís Maymó
Genís Serra, Jordi Biosca, Borja Casas
Sparks Assist.
Biel Capellas, Jaume Montada, Carles Fernández, Darío Camba, Santiago Ruiz, Álvar Riu
Key Grip
Àlex Moregó
Movi Operator
Alberto Borque
Movi Assist.
Dani Losada
Set Builder
Santi Ponce
Art Assitants
Alejandro Principal, Yannick Robles, Beatriz Toro, Alba Garast
Stylist Assist.
Noe Álvarez
Nasa FX
Make-Up SFX
Flame Artist
Ruben Llucià
3D Artist
Carlos Cortés
Joan Amat
3D Artist
Nico Zarza
Light, Camera and Grip
Sheila Jordà
Xavier Pàmies

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