Biffy Clyro 'Re-arrange' by Oscar Sansom

Biffy Clyro 'Re-arrange' by Oscar Sansom

Oscar Sansom strips things down to the bare essentials in this hazy, intimate analogue portrait of Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil.

Shot on 16mm film in and around the singer's home, the video is a soft-focus, close-up study of Simon in which Oscar gives the lyrics room to contextualise the images.

From the director


"Such a beautiful, intimate track from Biffy Clyro asked for a similarly intimate video. We actually shot the video in and around Simon Neil's home in Ayr, Scotland which helped to enhance the personal nature of his performance.

"We chose 16mm film because it's beautiful and slightly nostalgic aesthetic brings a quality to the video that would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve digitally. All the effects are in camera and we embraced the grain, flashes and imperfections of the film format. By placing visual interruptions in front of the lens and physical barriers between Simon and the camera we wanted to hint at the emotional struggles inherent in the lyrical content of the song. 

"Similarly the push and pull of a female pair of hands on Simon's face references the complexity of the relationship within the song. There is a rare feeling of honest and open intimacy in the video communicated through the strikingly powerful performance from Simon."


Oscar Sansom
Beth Allan
Production Company
The Forest Of Black
Director of Photography
Ian Forbes
Focus Puller
Jake McLean
2nd AC
George Telling
Graham Walker
Debbie Black
Editing company
The Forest Of Black
Director's Representation
Las Bandas
Jennifer Ivory
14th Floor Records / Warner Music

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