Emel Mathlouthi 'Ensen Dhaif' by Allie Avital

Emel Mathlouthi 'Ensen Dhaif' by Allie Avital

After her viral success with protest song Kelmti Horra that soundtracked the Tunisian revolution, Emel Mathlouthi returns with a powerful clip courtesy of Allie Avital.

Featuring two topless male dancers bound and draped in shrouds, the video uses minimal set decoration, wonderful costume and a powerful red and black colour scheme to explore themes of oppression and revolution. The result is a rhythmic and intense battle cry.

From the director


“Between myself, Emel, and the dancers, we all had a different interpretation of oppression, whether in relation to dictatorship, racism, police brutality, gender roles, or the ways in which we oppress ourselves.

"With the choreography and editing, I really wanted to express a rhythm of urgency, violence, and perhaps an uplifting sense of revolution.” (via NOWNESS)


Allie Avital
Tasia Judd
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Laura Jones
Director of Photography
Ben Goodman
Art Director
Victoria Foraker
Lisa Madonna
Megan Williams
Bash Johnson
Zoe Mougin
Editing company
Rock Papper Scissors
Jaime Obradovich
Grading company
Company 3
Stephen “swizzy” Banks
Director's Representation
PartizanPartizan website
Partisan Records

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