The Weeknd 'M A N I A' by Grant Singer

The Weeknd 'M A N I A' by Grant Singer

The Weeknd and Grant Singer collaborate again for stylish neo-noir short film 'M A N I A'.

Beginning with an incredible shot of a black panther before roaring into a supercar-laden drive through the mountains and eventually arriving at a club, this is a sprawling, grand and incredibly sinister piece of film. And after spending a little over six of its 12-minute runtime setting up this cool, brooding atmosphere, it suddenly reaches in incredibly bloody narrative peak.

Steeped full of metaphorical imagery and looking fantastic, this is a neo-noir style short that doesn't have the high-octane shock factor that False Alarm had, but it still manages to push all the same buttons.

More of an album trailer than a music video, the songs from The Weeknd's 'Starboy' album cut in and out of the action with some excellent (blood-soaked) performance visuals.


Grant Singer
Production Company
Anonymous Content
Saul Germaine
Nina Soriano
Director's Rep (UK)
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