Vince Staples 'Prima Donna' by Nabil

Vince Staples 'Prima Donna' by Nabil
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What seems at first like a conventional music video quickly turns, via a trippy taxi ride and an unpredictable traipse to a bizarro hotel, into something quite different. Nabil's new 9-minute short film-music video for Vince Staples is a journey through he psyche of the rapper. 

Shot over four days in sweltering Dominican Republic, with photography by British DoP Rina Yang, we follow Vince as he saunters off the set of his latest convenvional music video set, and then things go strange. He crosses paths with dancing tribespeople, before meeting an off-kilter cab driver with special powers.

Strange sounds and visions distort his understanding of what's real, as Vince arrives at a seedy hotel where lost artists are holed up in smokey rooms. And as screaming fans pop in and out of existence, the bamboozled rapper ends up taking extraordinary measures. Is Staples paying the heavy price of fame? We'll leave the interpretation up to you. 


Tara Razavi
Executive Producer
Corey Smyth
Executive Producer
Dion Wilson
Director of Photography
Rina YangRina Yang website
Production designer
Eduardo Suarez
Jamie Foord
Brandon Chavez
Sound design
Amber Tisue

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