Kids Of The Apocalypse 'Better Life' by Ernest Desumbila

Kids Of The Apocalypse 'Better Life' by Ernest Desumbila
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Here is a hugely ambitious but brilliantly realised spectacle of post-apocalyptic fantasy, where animation is weaved seamlessly with live action in a number of impressive set-pieces. 

Stefan Storm - one half of the duo who comprise Kids Of The Apocalypse - tells Noisey that the "alternative universe" in the video, created by him and Barcelona-based director/animator Ernest Desumblia, mirrors our own. Evil corporations have ruined the world, but here, only super-powered kids can bring about a Better Life. 

Storm mentions the likes of Terminator, Akira, Ralph Bakshi and 'the films of Amblin Entertainment' as inspiration. You could also add Fleur & Manu's M83 videos, and Megaforce's classic live action/animation mashup for Is Tropical's The Greeks. Pretty awesome, nonetheless.


Ernest Desumbila
Llibert Figueras
Production Company
Sauvage Tv
Executive Producer
Eva Laffitte
Executive Producer
Stefan Storm
Production Manager
Valen Calanche
1st AD
Luis Quilez
Director of Photography
Iñigo Zubicaray
Focus Puller
Marc Piera
Focus Puller
Pablo López
Jose Rabaneda
Art Director
Romain Gautry, Marta Roig, Ernest Desumbila
Art Director
Stefan Storm
Beatriz Garcia Dominguez
Isis Rodriguez Lopez
NÚria DurÀ
Vanessa Colon Povedano
Carla Casals, Neus Toro Ortiz, Ariadna Blaco Prats
Lluis Murua
Xavi Santolaya
Grading company
Moonlight Barcelona Grading Studio
Post production company
Sauvage Tv
Post Producer
Pau Marine
Riki Pelishe, Agus Pepper, Frame2frame
Big Life Management
Production Company
IconoclastIconoclast website

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