Frances 'Don't Worry About Me' by Zak Razvi

Frances 'Don't Worry About Me' by Zak Razvi
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Previously a producer and EP, Zak Razvi is now working as a director – a career move that is surprisingly rare. But on the basis of this video for British singer Frances, it's clear that he's found his true calling.

The promo for Don't Worry About Me is the beautifully judged portrayal of an elderly West Indian couple at the time of serious illness. Without words it convincingly charts their relationship, conveying a lifetime of memories in the process. Ultimately its absolutely heart-rending stuff.

Razvi has been ably assisted by Steve Annis's intimate camerawork, and a sensitive edit by Tim Hardy, making a rare return to working in music videos. But this is really a very promising video directing debut...    


Zak Razvi
Sonya Sier
Production Company
KnuckleheadKnucklehead website
Executive Producer
Matthew Brown
Production Manager
Amanda Tuckwell
1st AD
George Nelson
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Focus Puller
Ahmet Husseyin
2nd AC
Eira Wyn Jones
Harry Gay
Art Director
Tim Gibson
Hair & Make-up
Andrea Gomez
Tim Hardy
Editing company
Houmam Abdallah
Post production company
Electric Theatre Collective
Post Producer
Olivia Jessop
Husband: Louis Mahoney, Wife: Cleo Sylvestre, Nurse: Zoe Carroll, Doctor: Warren Brooking
Director's Representation
Naomi George
Capitol Records Uk

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