KCPK ft. STS 'Who Wants It' by Nicolas Davenel

KCPK ft. STS 'Who Wants It' by Nicolas Davenel

Iconoclast, now with permanent offices in London, explode through the gates with this compelling video for French electro trio KCPK by director Nicolas Davenel.

In this stunning work, Davenel explores the criminal underbelly of Eastern Europe. The video is rich in symbolism and follows several younger protagonists as they sink further into the underworld, each step they take forcing them to grow up before their time.

It's a cinematic, layered and textural piece peppered with wide shots that distort the world around the protagonists. Some very considered cinematography here from Nicolas Loir brings this to life.


Nicolas Davenel
Production Company
IconoclastIconoclast website
Director of Photography
Nicolas Loir
Elias Belkeddar
Maxime Pozzi Garcia
Production Manager
Maxime Rivolet

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